Step Back From Kitchen Duties

We make it easy for our residents to live every day to the fullest by taking care of all the cooking! You can step back from your kitchen duties and let our expert culinary team take care of everything. We prepare three homestyle meals every day.

Delicious Food Every Day

We go the extra mile when it comes to meal times at Asher Point Independent Living of Hoover. Our dedicated cooks prioritize freshness, taste, and visual appeal in every meal. Whether it’s soup, salad, or a hearty roast, you can’t help but be impressed.

Private Dining for Residents

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion, we want to celebrate with you! Our culinary team is happy to provide private catering services and offer the use of our private dining space.

Residents can enjoy delicious, private meals with their loved ones and don’t have to take care of any of the washing up! We provide the full package for our residents’ convenience.

Changing Menus

‘Boring’ is not a word we’d use to describe our ever-changing menus at Asher Point Independent Living of Hoover. There’s always something new and exciting on the menu for residents to look forward to. From soups and salads to roast vegetables and sandwiches, we prioritize a variety of delicious meal options!  

Set Meal Times

All residents at Asher Point Independent Living of Hoover lead independent lives with different schedules. We make it easy for residents to prioritize their nutrition by preparing meals at the same time every day. They always know when to join us in our shared dining spaces!







Social Occasions

Eating delicious food at Asher Point Independent Living of Hoover is about more than meeting your nutritional requirements. We treat meal times as social occasions. In fact, we plan extra-long lunches so our residents have more time to spend together!

They can eat, chat, laugh, and bond over shared experiences. We love watching new friendships form.

The Restaurant Experience

Our residents don’t need to visit local eateries for an authentic restaurant experience. We go above and beyond to ensure it feels like you’re dining in a restaurant in our community every day!

We have a stunning restaurant-style dining room for residents to sit in, chat, and enjoy restaurant-quality food. Our culinary team also provides table service and takes care of the washing-up

Learn More About Dining at Asher Point Independent Living of Hoover

Meal times are something special at Asher Point Independent Living of Hoover. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about meal times and how we can meet your dietary requirements. We look forward to helping you live your retirement years to the fullest.